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Welcome to my annual "Best Of" blog post series! If you're new here, each year I select my personal favorite 100 photos, taken since my last birthday. It's such an interesting and difficult exercise! Some are favorites due to the overall execution, and some I've just developed an attachment to over time. It's such a beautiful way to review the

Welcome to my annual "Best Of" blog post! My digital art show, the way I force myself to organize my hard drives, my birthday gift to me. 100 images to represent the year since my last birthday.Real talk: 2022 broke me. Or rather, I broke myself.BUT it was amazing.I've toured a lot, for a several years now. In 2022, I

Welcome to the 5th annual installment of my birthday blog post roundup! Below are a selection of 100 of my favorite photos (and a video) from 31. Thirty-one was officially the "Year of Tour" for me. During 31, I was traveling 239 days, and 164 of those were on tour. I worked once again with The Struts, MisterWives and Walk The

Another year, another decade, another blog post. It's fun and daunting to go back through almost every shoot from last year. These are 100 of my favorite photos I've taken, had taken of me, and just some meaningful personal moments. Some of the selection choices are obvious, and some are important for reasons maybe only I will appreciate. Now that I've