I love my job. Because sometimes I get to help plan and photograph the most exciting moments in people’s lives.

Kathryn’s family was planning a vacation to LA (from Oklahoma), and Will decided it’d be the perfect time to propose. But not just a proposal- a total surprise appearance. So we schemed.

A few days in to the family’s Hollywood vacay, Will hopped on a plane and met me at the Griffith Observatory, where Kathryn’s mom and I planned a family photo shoot rouse to get everyone together, looking nice, and in front of one of the best city views in the world. Will hid away while a few family photos were taken around the building. Once we ended up back in front of the mountainous view of the Hollywood Sign, Will snuck up behind Kathryn (with the help of my assistant/spy Sloane) and was on one knee before she could even turn around. Keep in mind- she had no idea he was even in the same state. Watching the event unfold as the surprise registered on Kathryn’s face was the best thing I’ve seen in a while! We immediately followed it up with the most joyful engagement session, as they (of course) could not stop genuinely smiling.

Take note, y’all. This is why you get someone to take pictures, any way you can.

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