I’m excited to launch a new blog category in 2013- vendor features! In order to make by blog more of a resource for my wedding fans, I’ll be profiling local vendors and showcasing some of their work! It’s a huge task to research all the businesses needed for a wedding, and even harder to get to know them all before making a decision. In these profiles, you’ll get answers strait from the pros to some frequently asked questions, and get to see some of their REAL work! Please let me know in the comments what types of vendors you’re interested in seeing profiles of!

I’m excited to bring you the profile of Adrianne of Pink Poppy Event Designs for my first vendor feature. This beautiful lady is a doll with whom I worked on Becca & Jake’s wedding in last year. If you’re still looking for a planner, check out her interview and photos of her work below! (Some of the photos feature work from Sooner Calligraphy.)

Meet Adrianne:

What made you decide to start planning weddings?

There is just something so magical about a bride and groom’s wedding day.  When I got married I remember wishing I had more help navigating what felt like an overwhelming list of ideas and vendors. After helping several friends with their weddings I decided that perhaps this is what I wanted to when I grew up. Planning a wedding is so much fun, but it can be stressful. I hope to help brides and grooms plan their big day so their special day is truly unique and are all that the couple could dream of regardless of budget.

How would you explain the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? Do you do both?

I think the primary difference is that a wedding planner will assist with a lot of the preliminary details such as vendor selection and overall event details. Wedding coordinators are often hired to coordinate wedding vendors and last minute details. The roles of both a planner and coordinator overlap, but just know a coordinator (Especially day or month of) is often just going to manage the vendors and choices you have already made. I do both, but I really prefer to take on the full wedding planning role because I like to make sure my brides us excellent vendors that I have worked with and trust.

Why should someone hire a planner?

I think the biggest reason a bride should hire a wedding planner is because planners have experience planning weddings. We have faced challenges and have experience with how best  to handle problems as they come up. Planners will help with vendor selection, event styling and can greatly reduce the amount of stress along the way. I tell my brides my job is to help make this really fun, but at times stressful process a lot easier. I also tell them when you hire a wedding planner that means you and your family get to enjoy the big day, rather than “work” that day. Managing all the pieces that will make that dream wedding come together becomes my job and the wedding party can kick back and enjoy the big day.

What basic process do you go through with the bride (and groom) to nail down a style direction for their event?

I typically ask brides and grooms to tell me what they think about when they imagine their big day. Do they want to be barefoot on the beach? Do they want a formal black tie occasion? I have also pinned a lot of unique wedding looks on my Pinterest Boards so we look through those together to map out a style direction. I find inspiration all over from cooking books, to design magazines etc and I will create a custom Board for each of my brides if they are interested in that.

Some couples have a pretty specific idea of what they want, while others may have no idea. Is it better one way or the other for you as a planner?

I think it is fine either way. I remember when I planned my wedding years ago I just felt overwhelmed with narrowing down just one specific look. I liked so many. I have worked with many brides that struggled with the exact look too and we just kept pulling together ideas until we found the one that was just right.

Check out her website for more. Pink Poppy Event Design’s ad can be found in the next issue of Oklahoma City Perfect Wedding Guide.

So who all made it out to WPPI this year?? My second trip to Las Vegas, NV was my first trip to the annual WPPI Photography Convention, and I definitely plan to go back as often as possible! I expected that I would learn a mind blowing amount, and I was not disappointed. I had the privilege of sitting in on some informative lectures and demonstrations by some of the world’s A-List photogs.

Although the learning was structured more for taking notes on paper, my group and I made some time for experimenting and mini photo shoots. The talented ladies that traveled with me this year were:

Catie Bartlett: No doubt you’ve seen mention of her on my blog before as we work closely together in our day job and on photo projects. She currently specializes in family and children photography.

Lisa Lee: I’ve known Lisa for a few years now, and have loved watching her grow as an artist. She focuses on the fine art aspect of photography- taking everyday scenes an manipulating them into a completely different visual experience.

Carly Carlson: I met Carly for the first time on this trip, and I’m so blessed that I did! Throughout the week I came to see her as a mentor, and a friend. Unfortunately she lives hundreds of miles away, but since WPPI we’ve relentlessly tried to persuade each other to relocate to our respective cities. I think I’m losing however, because Carly has an established studio in Baker City, Oregon, where she specializes in some awesome High School Senior photography.

Below are some of my favorites from the week, including everything from images of our beautiful Nevada surroundings to some fashion-esque shoots of each other. We’ll just get started off sexy, with a few (G-rated) shots from our boudoir shoot experiment in the hotel:

The first night we arrived, we were ready to go! I’d brought along a new toy: my Orbis ring flash adaptor, so we trying it out for a fun shoot. The one of me on the left was snapped by Catie.

We had a great view of the Strip each day during our (very long) commute to the MGM Grand for the day’s classes. On paper, a hotel right across the street sounds great, but it took at least 20 minutes of relentless speedwalking to get there, and the trip clocked in at over a mile each way!

Here’s a few shots of some of the neat and diverse hotel styles and features. Left: New York, New York / Right: Caesar’s Palace.

I had the opportunity to learn from some super A-List photographers at WPPI, but only happened to take my camera along to one class. (Like I said, it was a long walk! Extra baggage gets heavy.) I grabbed a picture of Jasmine Star, who is known for her high end wedding photography. She is sweet, down to earth, and hilarious! She graciously hung around after her class to answer every question of the hundreds of people who lined up to meet her, including me.

The four of us set aside an afternoon to explore the Strip and practice some of the shooting techniques we had been picking up in our classes. We found some gorgeous lighting. Here’s a few that I snapped of the other girls:

We also made it out during dark hours for some artificial light practice. The one on the right was lit with the Orbis.

Finally, a few more photos from around the Strip. I used my new Lensbaby lens on a few of these- can you tell which ones? (Okay, it was all of them.) It’s a specialty lens that has really neat, in-camera, blurring effects. The first set is from the Bellagio hotel fountains, and inside under the Chihuly glass ceiling in the lobby. It felt like home in a way, since the OKC Museum of Art is home to a great Chihuly collection, which I’ve seen so many times. The second set of photos are from other hotels on the strip, and I found shooting a backlit, clear glass chandelier with my Lensbaby to have the coolest effect yet!

I have a few more days worth of photos to share, but I will save those for the next post. We got to shoot at some incredible locations, so I will be covering those more in depth. Check back soon!