One of my favorite weddings to shoot of 2015. Cozette and Chad are both very talented creatives and craftsmen from Los Angeles, returning home to Mustang to share a stunning backyard ceremony with family and friends. The details were built and styled by the bride and groom, and the intimate, personal, traditions-out-the-window event was incredibly special for everyone present.


Can’t believe my little sister is about to graduate high school! I shoot her all the time, but doing senior photos together was extra special. I’m so impressed with the beautiful, smart, kind person she’s grown into. And she just won homecoming queen at Putnam City High School!


This project was my baby for over an entire year. It’s no secret I’m completely drawn to the edgy and unusual. I had the inspiration back in a college photo class- many years before the project culminated in a successful show to debut the finalized series at Brass Bell Studios in Oklahoma City back in October. (No mistake that it shared the month with the best holiday- Halloween!) A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support me in one of the artistic accomplishments that I’m most proud of so far. But if you weren’t at the opening, I’m finally releasing the images online here on my blog, so I hope you enjoy!

“ZOMBIES ARE PEOPLE TOO” is a conceptual and artist portrait photography series. The photos force together the opposing aesthetic themes of high-end fashion and the dark style of a modified zombie. It has solidified into a group of styled photo shoots, employing traditional fashion models who are eerily made up to resemble the living dead. The scenes are set in locations across Oklahoma (and one in New York). Click the link below to view the trailer for the series, made by the very talented Andrew Sloat. It was filmed during Caitlin’s shoot in New York.


You can also check out the Series mini site, created by Catie Bartlett, here.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the extremely talented Jessica Fulton, my HMUA for the entire project. She was able to execute my vision perfectly and stuck it out with me through the year and a half it took to complete the series. I’d also like to the thank the models who appeared in the photos- for humoring my crazy idea and being willing to go out in public with a pound of black makeup on their faces (especially the guys) and quite possibly scaring some children. Their names are listed with each photo.

Caitlin Sloat:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Evan Crowley:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Lindsey Robinson:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Chelsey Cope:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Brock Lay:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

I even included a self-portrait, assisted by Catie Bartlett:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Caitlin Sloat:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Christa May:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

Alberto Roubert:

© Anna Lee Media | Zombies Are People Too | Conceptual Photo Series

I’ll be following up with some behind the scenes photos and a post about the show opening at Brass Bell. I may also share some B-sides (photos that were not part of the final series, but great none the less). So stay tuned for those!

Laura and Daniel’s wedding photos are coming soon, so I get to share her beautiful bridal shoot! She was so incredibly photogenic!

Hey 2013 High School Seniors!

Would you like model for Anna Lee Media? Do you enjoy being in front of the camera and have an outgoing personality? Then this opportunity might be for you!

What is a Senior Rep?

A Senior Rep is essentially a model and spokesperson for Anna Lee Media, who will represent my photography to their senior class at their high school. I will select Senior Rep from schools in Oklahoma City and the immediately surrounding areas (Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, etc). Remember, you must be a 2013 senior, meaning you are a junior right now.

What’s in it for you?

If you are selected, you’ll get a free photo shoot with me ($250 value). Those photos will be used to promote to other 2013 seniors. You’ll also receive Senior Rep Referral Cards (kinda like business cards) featuring photos from your shoot, that you can pass out to friends and classmates as advertisement for senior sessions. But the freebies don’t stop there!

For every person that books a senior session with me (for this summer or or the 2012/2013 school year) based on your referral, you’ll receive a $100 print credit toward the purchase of photos from your shoot. Whichever rep refers the most bookings, will receive another FREE session next year to serve as their own senior photo shoot.

Finally, any and all Senior Reps who’s referrals lead to 10+ bookings for a 2012/2013 senior session will receive a BRAND NEW iPAD 2!

What’s in it for me?

I will have a good-lookin’ 2013 senior showing off my work to their classmates, and generating word-of-mouth buzz!

I want to be a 2013 Senior Rep! Now what?

Good for you! Applying is easy. Just fill out the form below, attach a recent photo of yourself, and hit send! Due to Spring Break, the deadline for applying has been pushed back to April 8th at midnight. Selected reps will be notified by April 10th. The free promo shoots will also take place in April. Can’t wait to hear from you!

What if I’m not a 2013 senior, but know someone who would be perfect for it?

The best way to share this opportunity is directing people to this blog post! Copy the link and share it through Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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