Wyatt Clough invited me to come spend two days in the desert while he and Roger Galvez directed a narrative video for Silverstein’s “Whiplash”. It was just released yesterday, so I’m excited to share the BTS photo set- one of my favorite sets from all last year! The desert is my absolute favorite shooting environment, and it was so fun to get out and do something a little different.

Actress: Brittany Hagerty
Car: Bruce the Stang

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LOVETAP!‘ is out today! These boys and their music mean the world to me, and I’m so thankful to have worked with them for the past year. In December we set out to do a photo shoot in the SoCal desert which later became artwork for the new album. This photo story includes never before seen promo shots, b-roll and outtakes from that day- digital and film.

Also check out the Spotify promotion for the album release on The Drop, including some more behind the scenes photos from tour. See you all on the road this spring/summer! Follow me on Instagram (@annaleemedia) & come say hi!


Finally getting my third and last WPPI post up! On our last day in Vegas we visited an area called El Dorado Canyon in Nelson, NV.

On the way to our intended location, we decided to pull off the road and get some fashion-style shots in the pure desert scene. Although the Vegas landscape doesn’t vary much, it was a refreshing difference from Oklahoma, and we had so much fun shooting in the dry sand, with a backdrop of mountains.

It was still pretty early in the day, so we did what we could with the lighting! It wasn’t ideal, but the “harsh desert sun” look really added to the concept in a way.

Who doesn’t love a good proportion illusion?
The next set of pictures are actually in El Dorado Canyon. Their property is littered with cool vintage objects, old cars, a few barns, and even a wrecked airplane. This location has been used in parts of big productions such as 3000 Miles to Graceland, and has also been used as a shooting location for big name musicians and fashion photographers.

We found a gutted bus that we could have easily shot in for hours! The entire inside was painted white, creating an amazing, natural reflector. Behind the scenes shot of Catie Bartlett:

The photo of me on the left was taken by Catie:

These last couple of Catie were taken by the place crash scene.

As I mentioned before, we definitely plan on returning to WPPI 2013- hopefully you can see why!