I had the pleasure of working with some very talented individuals when Superfruit (and friends!) made a music video for their cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise”. See the video and my behind the scenes photos below!

Performers: Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Mario Jose, Mary Lambert, & Brian Justin Crum
Director: Erix Arocha
Producer: Greg Federspiel

^ It me. (PC: Michael Kamerman)

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I know a lot of you have been waiting for this news since I teased it earlier this year, so I’m stoked to announce the #ALMmentorsesh contest! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you on the road and talking about photography, but there are always far more questions than we have time to get to! THIS IS OUR CHANCE.

On the following Smallpools tour dates, I’ll be selecting one person per show to receive:

Sit down with me one-on-one to talk live concert photography. We can go over settings, technique, practice shooting, etc. Ask any questions you want!

Get access to take photos from the pit and put this new info into practice!

10/27 – Kansas City, MO
10/29 – Denver, CO
11/3 – San Francisco, CA
11/4 – Santa Ana, CA *updated*

1. Post a favorite concert photo you’ve taken of any band onto Instagram and/or Twitter. (Doing both doubles your chances!) Doesn’t have to be a professional photo- phone pics are great!
2. Include the following in your IG caption or Tweet: #ALMmentorsesh, @annaleemedia, and the city of the show you’re attending. Include a short description of your music photography goals if there’s space.
3. Each winner will be notified at least 3 days prior to their show, so post your entries before then!

1. No previous concert photo experience necessary! The rules of the pit will be explained to you.
2. You must be attending the show to be eligible- tickets are not included in the prize.
3. You must have access to a digital SLR camera and lens(es) that you can bring to the show (own, rent, borrow, etc).
4. The photo passes will allow you to bring a professional camera into the venue and shoot the first 3 songs of each band from in front of the barricade. Venues that do not include a photo pit will be limited to shooting from the crowd. No flash, and no side or backstage access is permitted.
5. You are responsible for ensuring your availability to participate. Mentor sessions will be scheduled sometime between 5pm-8pm. TBD
6. Rules and dates are subject to change without notice.

^ Photo by Rachel Martin

It’s so much fun to shoot clients that I’ve worked with before, especially when the first round was their wedding! Kasey and Andrew are so much fun and have great style and ideas- so it’s a blast to collaborate with them. We got together for their indoor/outdoor portrait session in Midtown last week.


If you don’t know Bad Suns you need to check them out. They’re recently released album Language & Perspective is a perfect summation of their uniquely specific sound. I finally got a chance to check out their live show in October, opening for New Politics at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa.


This summer I’ve had the opportunity to go out on tour with a really amazing group of people, who are as fun as their music. Smallpools is Sean Scanlon (vocals/keys), Mike Kamerman (guitar), Joseph Intile (bass), and Beau Kuther (drums). These guys are SO talented and have blown everyone away with their rapid success and high energy live show. It was a privilege to document every day life with them on stage and on the road. I also had a blast getting to know the crew that helped make everything possible- Kelsey Kuther (guitar tech), James Wooten (TM & FOH), and Sandor Schlaffer (merch manager). So proud of everything I’ve witnessed them accomplish and to call the whole crew friends!

These photos are just a fraction of what I covered of Smallpools on Grouplove’s Spreading Rumors US Tour. They span shows from Pomona, Tempe, Tucson, Dallas Edge Fest, OKC, and a LOT of time in the Sprinter… And there is so much more to come! I will be following up with more posts from the subsequent run with Neon Trees. Also check out my Instagram for sneak peeks from tour!

Smallpools is gearing up to release a full length album, but give their amazing first single “Dreaming” a listen while you check out this post!

1-smallpools-interview-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media2-smallpools-interview-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media3-smallpools-beau-kuther-masters-of-maple-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media4-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media6-smallpools-joseph-intile-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media7-smallpools-sean-scanlon-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media8-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media9-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media10-smallpools-james-wooten-tm-foh-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media11-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media12-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media13-smallpools-beau-kuther-killer-whales-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media14-smallpools-beau-kuther-killer-whales-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media15-smallpools-joseph-intile-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media16-smallpools-killer-whales-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media17-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media18-smallpools-joseph-intile-beau-kuther-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media19-smallpools-grouplove-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media20-smallpools-joseph-intile-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media21-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media22-smallpools-promo-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media23-smallpools-sean-scanlon-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media24-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media25-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media26-smallpools-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media27-smallpools-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media28-smallpools-kelsey-kuther-sean-scanlon-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media29-smallpools-interview-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media30-smallpools-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media31-smallpools-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media32-smallpools-ms-mr-msmr-lizzie-plapinger-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media33-smallpools-joseph-intile-sean-scanlon-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media34-smallpools-beau-kuther-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media35-smallpools-joseph-intile-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media36-smallpools-edge-fest-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media37-smallpools-sean-scanlon-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media38-smallpools-beau-kuther-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media39-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media40-smallpools-grouplove-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media41-smallpools-sean-scanlon-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media42-smallpools-joseph-intile-mike-kamerman-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media Me with the guys! 43-smallpools-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media (Most of) the whole tour crew. (Thanks for the photo Catie!) 44-smallpools-grouplove-ms-mr-msmr-crew-tour-photographer-anna-lee-media

The first couple photos were behind the scenes of an interview with the band from Fratzke & Fratzke at the Pomona show- check the video out below!

The Dangerous Summer
War Paint Tour
March 15th, 2012
The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK

I saw this group for the first time when they opened for The Secret Handshake about three years ago now. I was so impressed that I bought their current CD at the time, Reach for the Sun, and it didn’t leave my car CD player for two months. Since then, they’ve been back to OKC twice and have found a permanent place in my heart. I could gush some more.. but I’ll just show you some photos from their most recent show instead! The Conservatory continues to keep me on my toes with it’s less than substantial lighting, so forgive me!

Due to Spring Break, I’ve pushed back the deadline for the Senior Rep applications to April 8th. If you’re wondering what that is- see this post!


I participated for the first time in the Plaza Festival this year! Lisa Lee & I had a booth among the other artists, where we sold photo prints, crafts, and took lots of pictures in our make-shift photo booth. You can find a few photo booth pics a few posts back, and also on Lisa and I’s Facebook Fan Pages. Here’s a few images from the day.

Here’s a behind the scenes peek at the making of Marianne & Jeff’s zombie engagement photos!

See more photos in the full album on my Facebook Fan Page!

We got some weird looks…

I’ve been doing some second shooting for Hayley Michel Photography. Below is on of my favorite captures from the day, when we were trying to squeeze in a few last-minute portrait before the couple had to rush off to join the reception. We were losing sun quickly, but it made for some nice lighting conditions. The front of the Dominion House, where the wedding took place, was a great backdrop!