Welcome to my “virtual” art show!

STORY TIME: Once upon a time (5 years ago), I decided to start an annual “Best Of” blog post series to share on my birthday. It contains 100 of my favorite photos taken over the last year. Today is not my birthday, so I’m a bit late, because I was on tour on February 18th this year. But here we are as promised!

It’s a huge undertaking to review an entire year’s worth of photo catalogues, and then to narrow all of those images down to 100 (from tens of thousands!) which I have chosen to represent my 32nd year. I commit to this each year, mostly a promise to myself – to reflect on every place photography has taken me, the people it’s brought into my life, and to celebrate the creative career I’m blessed to have.

During my 32nd year, I spent about 150 days on tour, took more than 20 flights, shot 10 weddings, worked with tons of new and old client-friends, and shot about 100k (yes, k) photos. Like the previous year, this was one of my biggest pivots yet into music photography, having spent more time shooting artists and shows (upwards of 150) than anything else.

The 100 photos in this collection represent an endlessly deep catalogue of content. These photos were selected for either the aesthetic, the beauty, the feeling, the memory, the moment, or any combination of these intangible reasons they stand out in my mind. I just like them okay?? There’s also some bonus video content at the end of this post – a recap I shot and edited from tour.

This round-up was particularly nostalgic to put together given the times. Reflecting on the freedom to gather as humans, for celebration and collaboration is bittersweet. It’s wild to think I LITERALLY got to travel the world right before that became indefinitely impossible, and I am SO grateful for that. If our paths intersected anytime during this last year (at a concert, wedding, photo shoot, etc), I hope these memories bring you joy.

If you have time (and I know you do right now, because… coronavirus), I would love for you to check out the past years’ “Best Of” posts as well – it’s quite a trip for me. The links are below, or you can select “Categories” from the navigation bar, and click “Best Of”.

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Side note: I also launched a greeting card brand last year – Whatever Forever Press. Check it out for sassy & relatable cards and more. Also keep an eye out for some new quarantine-themed goodies to keep in touch with friends during this time! Follow on social here: @wtvrfvr.

As always, thank you SO much for following along in any capacity and supporting me as you do! If you have a favorite image from any of the “Best Of” posts, let me know in the blog comments or on social media!

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