January 28th, 2012
The Conservatory, OKC

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Other Lives
January 27th, 2012
The Blue Note Lounge

Originally know as Kunek, this group of Oklahoma natives has always blown me away with their eerily beautiful music. They played back-to-back shows this weekend because their first one sold out so quickly! Check them out!

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Yukon photographer Catie Bartlett is a friend and co-worker of mine. This weekend I tagged along on a the promo shoot for her fun Valentine’s Day giveaway. She did a 1950’s themed shoot at a local diner, modeled by my roommate Katie and her boyfriend Steven. They were naturals! Get details for the giveaway on her blog: 

Brass Bell Studio is a fairly new art gallery and bike shop in NW OKC. This month they’re displaying bike-related works for the first Annual Group Show. The opening took place on Monday, January 2nd, but work will remain up through the month of January. You can make an appointment to view or purchase.

Check out their pages for news on upcoming shows! Openings are on first Mondays. I will be having a show there later this year to present a personal project I’ve been working on for some time, but for now, it’s still hush hush. ; ) 

My contribution is this piece on the far left. Still available for purchase- $50! Just contact me!

My roommates and I spent New Year’s Eve and Day with a group of our friends in our second-favorite city: Austin! Not too far of a drive to go for an occasional weekend, Austin has awesome weather, artsy people, and fun stores! We’ve made a tradition out of visiting Mount Bonnell- a ridge that overlooks Lake Austin, where you can see the Austin City skyline clearly in the distance. We also tried out Mayfield Park, a park home to tons of free-range peacocks. Of course, this was a personal favorite of mine!

Lake Austin view from Mount Bonnell:

Peacocks in Mayfield Park:

Our group:

I’ve known these kids for several years and I got to do newborn/family photos for them last week! It was easy to see at the session and in the pictures how excited they are to be parents. Liam had some of the funniest expressions, and he was such a good sport about everything (so were his parents)!

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My sister-in-law hand-makes these awesome soy candles, and I got one for Christmas! The scent of these candles easily fill a room, and they’re yummy!

I recently designed the product logo for her new labels! Check her out here.

Fellow photographer buddy, Lisa Lee, and I decided that we both needed some professional photographer head shots. But of course we couldn’t stop there! We had a fun, full-blown session on a private rooftop in OKC Midtown on the nicest day in December. Here’s a few favorites I got of Lisa. You can see her work here.

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