I’ve been doing some second shooting for Hayley Michel Photography. Below is on of my favorite captures from the day, when we were trying to squeeze in a few last-minute portrait before the couple had to rush off to join the reception. We were losing sun quickly, but it made for some nice lighting conditions. The front of the Dominion House, where the wedding took place, was a great backdrop!

The couple was so great to work with! They were all kinds of photogenic, and the locations and lighting were perfect!

My good friend Cristi just recently had her first baby, so of course I was all over the newborn photos! He made more distinct expressions than I’ve ever seen a baby make, which made for great photos. He was also a really squirmy little thing, so our first attempt was a bit more challenging, since that style required a long exposure. (1st image below) Our second attempt was during the day, so it worked out much better.

I got out of my normal shooting locations for Riley’s portrait session on the beautiful OU campus in Norman.

Portraits sessions are usually hit-and-miss with kids, but Daniel was so easy to work with!

I’ve tried for quite some time to find a crafting niche for myself. A few months ago I started a micro brand called “Foliage” which encompasses the hand-made crafts I’ve started making. Currently, the bulk of my work is feather hairpieces, but I’ve also dabbled in some sewing projects. I’m thoroughly addicted. I can sit and make these little guys forever. This is good because they’ve been flying off the shelves at DNA Galleries, a local store in the OKC Plaza District, that houses art and crafts for sale for all kinds of local artists.

Below are a few recent pieces, which can be found in my Etsy store (until they are gone)! The rest are at DNA. I’ll continue to post more photos of my creations as I make them!

I bought a beautiful new lens- the Canon 35mm L fixed! My friend (and fellow photographer), Lisa, helped me test it out. Lisa’s work can be found here.

I was up in Tulsa last month during the Free Tulsa music festival. I made it out to one of the shows- a group call Oil House, which is made up of a few of my friends from the area. They were so much fun to listen to!

More photos can be seen in the album on my Facebook Fan Page.


These images came out of my location scouting from the previous post, but they made a nice little series all their own. This place was absolutely amazing, filled with dusty antiques and multiple rooms containing broken glass and peeling wallpaper. I’m sure you’ll see why we loved it so much!

Caitlin, who went with me, is pictured in a few of the images. She’s also a photographer, and her work can be found here.

Every photographer eventually gets burned out of their go-to shooting spots. This happened to my friend Caitlin and I at work, so we went on an adventure to find some new places SW of OKC. We hit up parts of El Reno, Yukon and Mustang. Enjoy our findings!

More can be found on my Facebook Page (link is above).