Owl City concert at the University of Oklahoma in Norman by Neptunz Ltd. Nov. 1, 2009

These were some photos from the Out On A Limb Clothing shoot. They don’t have anything to do with the clothes but they’re pretty girls!

Halloween is old news now that it’s after Christmas, but here’s a few of my favorites from our UCO Haunted House.

The Dangerous Summer @ the Conservatory- one of my best band discoveries in the last few years.

Cassie has a clothing line at DNA Galleries and soon to be on Etsy! We made some awesome business cards and did a promo photoshoot for some of the skirts that she has.

Logo I did for her:

These were so much work! Each one is actually individually sewn by Cassie:

Models were Christine, Cristi and Cassie (the designer). Our photoshoot: