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Welcome to my annual photo recap of the last year! (Otherwise known as the way I manage to create work for myself even on my birthday. IT’S FINE.) The year with the split personality. The first half was full of room to explore work and life outside of the tour bubble, as live events had not yet returned. I spent an unexpected several months home in OKC doing lots of commercial and studio work with a creative team there (thanks Robby!) – an opportunity to reconnect with a part of photography and teamwork that I adore, and that no doubt influenced my creative approach moving forward. While I’m glad to have tours back, I’m so thankful for my time there, and my time OFF. During the second half of the year, I was very fortunate to go back out on some of the earliest tours to return post-lockdown. My VERY first show back was a college gig with Smallpools, which was incredibly meaningful with these OG tour friends (header photo)! As early as June, I got to jump in with Fitz and the Tantrums, and new-to-me tour family that I now adore. Then on to my ride-or-die tour homies in Walk The Moon for their US headliner, which was sprinkled with no less than 4 weddings that I flew around the world to shoot. (#NoDaysOff) For up-to-date numbers on the crazy metrics in my life, check out the counters on my Website Bio Page.

There were a fair share of firsts as well, not the least of which was directing my first music video! Scroll through to the end to watch “Rise Up” from Walk The Moon.

As always, while this round-up is a timely portfolio of sorts, the photos were selected by me and for me. Each one represents a meaningful moment, opportunity, or just a photo, people, or place that I love. These images represent countless hours of work, but allow me (force me into) the opportunity, once a year, to reflect on what I’ve done since my last birthday. And I’m overflowing with gratitude.

Thank you to my family, friends, clients, clients who are friends, bands, concert-goers with a kind word for me in the middle of a long tour, anyone who has crossed paths with me this year – you made this with me. Let’s go, 35. It’s already getting weird.

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^ Photo by: Austin Roa
^ Photo by: Meg McCauley
^ Photo by: Brian Lawes

Baby’s first music video! “Rise Up” by Walk The Moon

^ On-set BTS photos by: Ben Zucker

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