I thought I was done with WPPI, but I completely forgot about the roll of film I shot in my Holga in Vegas! During my recent trip to New York (which I will blog about soon), I shot mostly film. When I developed them, I found a rogue roll from a few months earlier. As Holga goes, the images produced are very unpredictable, which is all the fun! Enjoy!

This photo was taken by Caite Barlett:

I received my first vintage camera as a birthday present from my good friends Caleb & Melissa (who’s wedding I get to shoot this weekend)! It also happened to be around the time that our front yard’s Bradford Pear was in bloom. It only lasts for about a week, so what else did I do but take pictures of the camera with it, of course! Here’s a few artsy shots for you to enjoy! They may just end up in an art show down the road….